Ho Baik,  Founder & CEO

30 + years of Upstream Energy Experience
u A Proven Oil Finder and  held key  technical/managerial positions at major and large independents – Conoco, UMC, Santos, BHP,  SK Innovation

uResponsible for discovering 1.5 BBO Reserves in W. Africa and Domestic US.  Managed over 200+ professionals and in excess of USD 10 billion in asset value
uDirected acquisitions and  divestitures of international and US domestic assets.  Resulted in divestiture of asset worth US$2.4 billion
uRegistered Geologist in State of Texas
u MS degree in Geology/Geophysics from University of Iowa and  researcher at  at Rice University

 Jack McFarland,  Chief Operating Officer

u40+ years experience.
uDirector/country manager of international  and domestic operations with 100+ employees, 19 wells, and 25,000 BOPD production
uWorked in most major producing area domestic and international
uProven ability as a team leader/ can get job done
uSolid background in reservoir, operations and producing engineering
uSuccessful track record in evaluations and production engineering
uOverall asset management / property acquisition and divestitures
uExperienced in negotiation with land owner and foreign governments
uRegistered Petroleum Engineer in the State of Texas
u BS in Petroleum Engineering,  Texas A&M University

Gerald Stachura, VP of Geology

uOver 30+ yrs experience  in upstream Oil & Gas industry
uMulti-national background in all facets of oil & gas , unconventional, and Coal bed Methane industry: exploration, production and operations.
uAreas of expertise include operations/project management in well site operations, production , exploration  prospecting 
uInterpretation experience in United States (South Texas Gulf Coast, Illinois and Appalachian Basins),  and international petroleum basins
uFormerly with Exxon, Conoco, BP/Arco,  Santos USA, and Samsung.
 BS in Geology, New Mexico School of Mines